1 (U) a state of being prepared and ready for what is going to happen: in readiness (for): They stacked the firewood in readiness for the evening campfire.
2 (singular, uncountable) willingness to do something: readiness to do sth: the UN's readiness to intervene in the civil war
reading /'ri:dIN/ noun
1 THE ACTIVITY/SKILL (U) the activity of understanding written words: Children are taught reading and writing in their first years at school.
2 UNDERSTANDING (C) your opinion of what a particular statement, situation, event etc means; interpretation: What's your reading of this response?
3 BOOKS (U) the books, articles etc that you read: Her main reading seems to be mystery novels. | light reading (=books that are easy and enjoyable)
a) an occasion when a piece of literature is read to a group of people: a poetry reading
b) a piece of literature or part of the Bible that is read to a group of people: The first reading is from Corinthians I, Chapter 3.
5 MEASUREMENT (C) a number or amount shown on a measuring instrument: take a reading: Thermometer readings were taken every two hours.
6 THE ACT OF READING STH (singular) the act of reading something: Even a casual reading of the text gives you an idea of the theme.
7 IN PARLIAMENT (C) one of the three occasions in the British Parliament or the US Congress, when a bill (=suggested new law) is read and discussed: the second reading of the Industrial Relations Bill
8 make good/interesting/boring etc reading to be enjoyable, interesting etc to read: Your report made fascinating reading.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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